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Bipolar Symptoms In Women

Bipolar Disorder is a typical mood disorder, which has quite similar symptoms to mania or depression. The disorder is a psychiatric issue and it causes interruption in once social life and lifestyle. People with bipolar disorder have a quick change in their mood, known as mood swings and is many times changes rapidly from low to high.

Bipolar disorder in women is much easier to identify as in comparison to men, the symptoms in women are much more prominent and rapid. In women, the bipolar symptoms in women include rapid mood swings and incidents of mania or depression can occur four or more times in a single year. The symptoms in women can also start with pregnancy as well. Sometimes symptoms of mania and depression also occurs together creating a mixed state.

Upon noticing the primarily symptoms of bipolar disorder in women, like mood swings and rapid dramatic incidents then it is necessary to verify these symptoms. The symptoms o bipolar disorder can needs to b checked before actually saying that the patient is suffering from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Symptoms In Women


a) Bipolar Disorder in women: The symptoms of Bipolar disorder in women can be identified by symptoms primarily as sudden unpredictable and abnormal mood swings, with different energy levels.

b) Mania Disorder: The symptoms of Mania Disorder includes Excessive happiness, irritability, uncontrollable crying of the patient, insomnia, racing thoughts, increased desire for sex, and an approach to make sudden big irrelative plans.

c) Depression disorder: Depression in any women can be identified by tracing following symptoms as sadness, anxiety, loss of energy, too much crying, loosing or gaining sudden weight, feeling unable in making decisions, and suicidal thoughts.

Once that you have established that a person is actually suffering from Bipolar Symptoms In Women, it’s time for them to identify it the type of disorder they have. Bipolar disorder exists in many different types and has to be treated in similar manner.

Complication in Bipolar Disorder:

A person affected by bipolar disorder often tends to harm itself. The incidents of Self-injury, self-mutilation and attempts of harming oneself in negative thoughts as anger, anxiety and extreme level of frustration is common.

The affects of bipolar disorder in women are subject to be increasing with pregnancy. Studies suggest that women who are pregnant or new mothers have risk of mood swings and severe disorder about 7 times more than usual.


The treatment for bipolar disorder follows both medications and counseling, and sometimes both. The doctors may use medications for mania and depression to overcome these situations. The focus of treatment is on stabilizing and controlling drugs that can control the mood. Medical treatment is always primary though psychotherapy is often necessary and suggested.

Along with the drug treatment the psychotherapy, also known as “talk” therapy, is an important and helpful way of treating the affected person. The therapy is used as a platform for one to share its feelings, and thoughts and problems.

For bipolar disorder affected women the doctors may also use treatment used for bipolar depression and other mania incidents. For it the doctor may use antipsychotic medicines, along with anticonvulsant, and in some cases both.


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